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Our Future Group is a collection of forward-thinking organisations seeking to achieve positive social change.

We believe we are better when we work together.

If you agree, read on.


is a society where all organisations are led by socially conscious people.



is to create a more sustainable and brighter future, by inspiring individuals and supporting organisations to achieve their full potential.



Future Foundations is an independent training organisation which believes in the power of people.  We have delivered pioneering training programmes with tens of thousands of individuals between the ages of 8 and 24 since 2004.


Future Foundations Society is a Community Interest Company that helps and supports young people to have a voice, and supports them with increasing their educational aspirations and achievements.  

Future Solutions was founded to help organisations improve the way they do business.  Future Solutions is an IT consultancy that specialises in helping others achieve more results with less effort.

The Global Social Leaders programmes are transformational leadership experiences that bring together young people from across the world who are driven to make social change on a global scale.

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The Devas Club provides a youth centre for the purpose of engaging and educating young people up to the age of 25.  Devas is committed to making a positive impact on young people’s lives and produces a wide variety of activities to support physical, mental and spiritual growth in its members.

Lovvol aims to improve university students’ understanding of China. Lovvol want to inspire the next generation of Chinese children to learn English. Lovvol strives to establish all-round education syllabi to complement Chinese children’s usual classroom experience and promote their emotional and intellectual development. Through Lovvol programmes, university students from across the globe are able to explore Chinese culture and contribute to peaceful international relations.

Oxbridge Guardians is a leading education agency that enables a classic British Education to children across Asia. As an education agency we work with a diverse group of stakeholders including schools, students, parents, host families, guardians, government and education agencies in our student home countries to provide a professional, one stop service

Role Models philosophy is to nurture character in children because they believe that 'soft skills' are as important as academic attainment. They focus on the individual strengths of every child and are deeply committed to supporting them through their formative years, ­whether that be through their Creative Childcare, Life Skills Courses or Special Needs Camps.

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We are proud to be based in The Devas Club in Battersea, London.  We love that we can work in the same building as  young people every day.



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