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The start of something special

Everyone has big ideas.  The Future Group is our big idea.  

The Future Group has been years in the making.  It was created by Jonathan Harper and Pete Cuff in 2017 as a way to bring together organisations that want to make a positive change in the world around them. 

Pete and Jon have been an integral part of Future Foundations for nearly 20 years between them.  Along the journey, many ideas have come and gone, but the one that stuck was about how to grow what we do from just one company and turn it into a movement.  Future Foundations is a social business with great ambition and a wide reach: how could we turn it into more?

Jon and Pete founded Future Foundations Society CIC in 2012 as a not for profit entity to share our inspirational youth training programmes with others.  FFSCIC ran a £0.5m educational summer school programme for hundreds of young people in London.  

In 2013, we launched Global Social Leaders. Initially, Global Social Leaders was an annual 2 week residential leadership experience for young people around the world. Now it is a worldwide movement running throughout the year, across the globe, and transforming lives and communities.

Whilst developing our own systems, we found we were now at the point where we could support others to develop theirs.  Pete and Jon founded Future Solutions in 2015 to enable organisations that we love to achieve more than they ever thought was possible.  

The Future Group will grow and develop from this point onwards.  We have more big ideas.  We have more big plans.  We will achieve more. 


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