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Taster workshop - Double Dutch by Jump LDN

We are excited to introduce one of our Future Festival taster workshops, will be delivered by Jump LDN a partner of ours who supported the West London Summer Programme.

The taster will enable you to try out Double Dutch and see if it's something you would like to get involved in delivering as a coach.

Many of the Future Foundations network will know Tammy Bustamante who is a FF facilitator (and is in training to be a Double Dutch coach!) who has introduced us to the world of Double Dutch and the role it can play in helping to develop young people. We would love more our of network to be involved in this incredibly exciting movement delivering such a positive activity for young people.

As background, JUMP LDN empower people of all ages through Double Dutch skipping. They run weekly sessions for 6 yrs - 16 yrs boys and girls in schools and youth clubs. We also run adult classes from 16yrs upwards. The sessions are fantastic for developing: fitness, coordination, friendships and confidence. Children learn from trained coaches and youth mentors how to Double Dutch and take part in a jam packed session including: Warm up, games, single rope and double dutch skipping and warm down. They incorporate themes such as teamwork, communication, confidence, self belief and a positive mental attitude.

To find out more about Double Dutch, click here.

Or contact Jump Ldn team by emailing

Click here to register for the Future Festival on Saturday 2nd December at our new home, the Devas Club and make sure to join us for the 'taster workshops'.

More workshops topics will be announced soon!

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