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Taster workshop - Mindfulness and wellbeing

We are excited to introduce one of our Future Festival taster workshops, will be delivered by Future Foundations lead facilitator and coach, Jason Moore.

The workshop title is: Mindfulness, and how to find your way back to your own Wellbeing.

Jason will talk about how we can bring Wellbeing back into our lives and live freely from our negative thoughts moment by moment.

We will discover how we can change those old patterns and the behaviours we give our selfs the people around us and the world, by reconnecting to intuition and trusting our instincts again.

Click here to register for the Future Festival on Saturday 2nd December at our new home, the Devas Club and make sure to join us for the 'taster workshops'.

More workshops topics will be announced soon!


What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is defined, quite simply, as paying more attention to the present moment to improve your mental wellbeing.

Jason Moore, a mindfulness expert who teaches the practice at Queen’s School in Kew, says that being mindful means knowing directly what is going on inside and outside yourself, moment by moment.

"Mindfulness is a practice that allows you to train your mind and thoughts to be in the present moment,” explains Moore.

“Daily meditations can help you to make clearer decisions about what may be affecting you in your life.

“By focusing your attention on one thing - such as your breath - you can move your thoughts away from old judgements or patterns and use your experience in the moment to find the best way forward."

He believes the practice is particularly beneficial for decision-making and successfully drawing a line between a busy work and home life.

"With mindfulness, you can make clearer decisions that are better for you and those around you. You react more positively and effectively, see situations more clearly and achieve resilience and balance at home and at work,” he explains.

“And by letting go of limiting thoughts, you can think more creatively in your daily life."

Click here to read an article in the Standard including an interview with Jason.

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