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Taster workshop - Yoga and Harmony with Ami

We are excited to introduce one of our Future Festival taster workshops, will be delivered by Ami Shichida, a yoga instructor from the Devas Youth club network and House of Yoga.

The workshop title is: Yoga and Harmony

Ami found yoga as an escape from the corporate world; Ami had been pursuing education and success throughout life trying to find meaning and value. After a few degrees, many cities and career choices later, her ego seemed to grow & grow and her happiness seemed to diminish.

On the mat Ami started grounding down as a path to self-discovery and personal development peeling away all those layers that she thought was “me” but wasn’t. Now yoga is Ami’s new way of life; it has brought Ami physical benefits, peace and harmony, and most importantly, an opportunity to get to know herself again.

Ami invites students to connect with themselves again, be it on a physical, mental, or emotional level, to allow them to find their grounding.

Whether you are an expert Yogi or never tried it, Ami welcomes you to join her class at the Future Festival which will give you a sense of wellbeing ahead of the festive period...

Check out Ami's website: to find out more.

This workshop is being delivered as part of the House of Yoga outeach programme:

Click here to register for the Future Festival on Saturday 2nd December at our new home, the Devas Club and make sure to join us for the 'taster workshops'.


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