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Taster workshop - Fondant Faux Food - unleash your creativity with cake art

We are excited to introduce one of our Future Festival taster workshops, will be delivered by Chaniece Watson, a baker from the Devas Youth club network.

The workshop title is: Fondant Faux Food - unleash your creativity through food...

Chaniece is a self taught baker who has gained a reputation for her classic cakes, cupcakes and faux food cakes! She is well known in the Devas Youth club for her cakes and artistic workshops.

You will learn how to make mini pizza's, burger and fries cake toppers with different colour fondant icing to achieve a realistic fast food look.

This is perfect for those who are interested in any form of will learn how to free your creativity through cake art.

For those interested in alternative ways to engage and inspire, this is a workshop you should not miss! And if you love cake...enough said!

Click here to register for the Future Festival on Saturday 2nd December at our new home, the Devas Club and make sure to join us for the 'taster workshops'.

More workshops topics will be announced soon!


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