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Taster workshop - Future proof your business with cloud accounting

We are excited to introduce one of our Future Festival taster workshops, will be delivered by the Caseron team who manage the bookeeping and accounting for Future Foundations.

Lisa, Harry & Tom from Caseron Cloud Accounting Limited will run a taster session on how to future proof your business with cloud accounting.

The session will show you how to go from zero to hero and take charge of your business financials. Everyone tells us how much they hate bookkeeping, how difficult it is to keep track of their finances, get cash in and how boring their accountants are! Accountant. Noun. (uh-koun-tnt) “Someone who solves a problem you didn’t know you had, in a way you don’t understand.” See also: Wizard, Magician. Magicians are not supposed to reveal their secrets, but today we will!! Our taster sessions will show you how cloud accountants can use cloud based tools to take charge of your business and run it from any place at any time on any device, using simple tools, systems and strategies. Learn how to future proof your business with Xero, QBO, ReceiptBank, AutoEntry, Directli, Stripe, Chaser, Pleo, Tripcatcher and many more...!

Click here to register for the Future Festival on Saturday 2nd December at our new home, the Devas Club and make sure to join us for the 'taster workshops'.

More workshops topics will be announced soon!


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