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The Future Group has launched

On 2nd December, we officially launched the Future Group.

Jon Harper opened up the evening by sharing what has always been important to Future Foundations - our people and partners, who have enabled us to make such an impact since we were founded in 2004. This is why our natural next step is to set up a new home, with our partners working alongside each other every day. Together we can achieve more and create a brighter future.

During the launch each of our new partners who share our home at the Devas Club introduced their organisation.

  • Pete Cuff, introduced Future Solutions, FF's sister company - click here to find out more

  • Daniel Wellings introduced Oxbridge Group - click here to find out more

  • Hugo Shephard introduced Role Models - click here to find out more

By working alongside each other we are consciously inspiring each other, collaborating and sharing best practice. In 2018 we will announce further collaborative events and watch this space.


John Clark, Chairman of the Trustees of the Devas Club welcomed the Future Group

John shared how excited he is about the potential for collaboration with us to do projects that will help young people to reach their full potential. The Devas Club youth dancers performed and their team cooked a feast for everyone to enjoy!

We would like to say a BIG thank you to The Devas Club for welcoming us into your very special community. Click here to find out more about the Devas Club.


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